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Short description

Aqualibrium is a system to grow vegetable and feed fish at the same time.


Pure, fresh food increases a sense of pleasure and well-being. Enzymes and proteins from food are one thing that no human can do without. They are essential to an active, purposeful daily life. Food, vital food, is a comfort that nothing can replace. In modern times, unfortunately, many people struggle with food uncertainty and corruption. As a part of this, many are concerned about the long-term health effects of GMOs and increasingly used synthetic pesticides. Creative agrarian minds may change this uncertain fate. Ceres and Aphrodite sign, “Hope comes alive!”   One can strive to buy and eat only non-GMO, organic food, but growing one’s own is an even better way to go. But what is possible for the urban apartment-dweller with little time for a community plot and no earth outside her or his home?

Qualitative Analysis


ABOUT AQUALIBRIUM - The company was founded in 2012 by Josh Rittenberg, Ben-Yam Barshi and Jared Kasner… three young entrepreneurs with a strong vision to help address climate change, resource self-sustainability and allow the people of the world to have access to an abundant, quality supply of food. Researching ways to meet this vision, the company’s first product, The Aqualibrium Garden, has been created to help people in urban environments have the power and freedom to take charge of their own food production needs.  

Result of project

Built with a strong educational component already in place, the Aqualibrium team has helped build self-sustaining aquaponics systems in some of Haiti’s poorest communities, helping the people of those communities develop a locally-sourced, abundant supply of fresh produce and fish. The company vision includes expanding these educational programs into schools and other local communities around the world.

Spatial quality

It fits in any room, studio or apartment and it could change the way people eating, you may not need to go shopping for vegetable anymore and it becomes a part of people’s daily life.

Contribution of the project to the design practice

Actually, Aqualibrium has been announced since November, 2013 so it still has no assessment but its future is bright due to its ability of changing the way peopel eat.  

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