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wei ni

Short description

this is a new type of manor, it was integrated factory and market by enterprise to show how to make produces from rose.


Business (nice) want to create maximum benefits, so choosing the suburbs as a base  is in order to reduce the cost of rent, and have more hinterland to develop the growing of factory

In this space, the business create a space for stores and  factory exist at the same building, it is different with the past.

Business believe that as a starting point, it could have more different blocks of tourists, and allow customers to understand the production process is safe and harmless.


在此空間中,企業置入賣場及工廠同時存在於同一建築體中,明顯與過往的 和工廠分離經營有著極大的不同。

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

This project has clearly moving line for people to use, visitors can follow it to understand how does rose grow up and how to make products of process by this company.

moreover, ROSEHILL is a fragrance brand Nice Enterprise Group.
The park covers an area of over 6000 Ping, including a large indoor winter garden and outdoor rose garden,
Park collected over 3000, 500 varieties of roses and vanilla plants.
It walks you through the history and application of roses, as well as oil extraction process, providing a variety of natural plant extracts product experience.


Since ancient times, the rose fragrance is well-loved products saint, but it is having different level products on the market, leading consumers could not know how to select products, Nice Group has chosen Taiwan Yunlin Gukeng to build this garden in 2014 , so that consumers can have more clearly understand to know how about their own used products, which are manufactured and it could be in order to allow consumers who feel at ease using the product.

Result of project

Consumers in this space, it is not only to  understand the relevant information product, but is also show the knowledge and understanding of the growth cycle of roses, however, you can understand how to use it in life somewhere. 

Most particularly, in the consumer of part when they will ready leave, they can also have a specially small rose garden in the ROSEHILL, for taking pictures, and playing games.

Problems during the the realization of the project and how they were approached

ROSEHILL is a open space, so that there are hard to get fee from customer,  and it is hard to control people in this space.
I consider the moving line should reset again for visitor to have a nice trip in ROSEHILL.

Spatial quality

This case provides a selective for people having new leisure life, it is good, but it need to complete the whole area, which have more space for people to stay during the visit, I personally believe that it is only having a small pastry shop,  so I think it must having more several space.

Contribution of the project to the design practice

ROSEHILL is really convenient for people to enjoy the trip short trip, you can also increase the knowledge of roses, but it is a pity that, within the scope of architecture, I believe that in the future it will be more favorable for development

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