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Short description

Tower by Rizoom, made of second hand materials to get hot water: thanks to solar radiation and hot air.


The ConvecToren is a visual experiment to show how easy it is to produce hot water through a device, made by reused materials, with a special beautiful aesthetic. It uses energy from the sun radiation, through a glass facade facing South, to make hot water. 

Material flows

  • Inputs

  • Artwork transport
    8 Number Glass with metal frame
  • building
    10 Number bright red radiators
  • Outputs

Qualitative Analysis

Description of the Process

The tower is based on an idea by Henk Zoeteman from 'RIZOOM adviezen voor duurzaamheid' from Rotterdam. It is located nearby the Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium. The tower is made with second hand materials: 8 glasses with metal frames used to transport artwork and 10 bright red radiators saved from a building demolition. It is nine meters high, it has a glass facade facing the South and it uses the solar radiation to make hot water. The tower, especially during summer, will provide a big amount of hot water. This hot water can be stored in the soil and used during the winter.


Materials used for the tower are 8 glasses which were previously used to transport artwork and 10 bright red radiators which were, in their previous life, heating up a building's interior.

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