The Green Pod

reviewed by Shawn

Short description

An innovative modular design is created to incorporate the bicycle parking and the cyclists' needs.


The Green Pod is an innovative modular design incorporating the very essence of cyclists’ needs— showers, personal lockers and secure bicycle parking in one location. The unit is space efficient and incorporates numerous sustainable design features whilst its visual aesthetic enhances the environment in which it is placed.

The Pod’s exterior design allows for natural lighting and ventilation, good lines of site and also reduces the risk of vandalism. The Green Pod is designed around the dimensions of car parking bays (2.4m x 5.4m) and comes in multiple configuration. 

The Pod has been designed to operate on 12V DC system that can be powered by solar panels on the roof. The Pod’s features include solar hot water, Cardex Access, motion sensor activated LED lighting, grey water treatment, and timed flow showers.


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